School Refusal Program

Bio Behavioral Institute’s School Refusal Program is designed to help children and adolescents who struggle to attend school on a regular basis. We provide a comprehensive evaluation process to determine the underlying cause or the child’s refusal to go to school, whether it may be contamination fears, separation anxiety, embarrassment of tics, or a fear of vomiting, to name a few. We strive to determine the causes and create treatment plans to help alleviate symptoms for each individual child.

Due to this comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment, over the past three years, 87% of patients with school refusal treated at Bio Behavioral have either returned to their regular school setting, entered a supportive special education program and continue their schooling with ongoing support from their school, or found and maintained full time gainful employment. Over half of these successful participants had been struggling for more than 6 months prior to entering our program, and some had been home schooled for years because they had refused to go to school. While no program can guarantee results for any one individual, our success rate with treatment resistant youth is something we continually strive to match and exceed.

In order to help your child get back on track and back to school, the clnical staff at Bio Behavioral Institute provide the following services and tailor their treatment plans to meet each individual child’s specific needs:

  • Intensive outpatient therapy as needed
  • Home Visits
  • Weekend and Evening appointments available
  • Telephone and Skype Sessions
  • Early morning sessions to take child to school, if necessary
  • School consultation and CSE meetings
  • Psychological and educational assessment
  • Organization training
  • Relapse prevention
  • Maintenance treatment