Consulting Psychiatrists


Philip Ninan, M.D.

Dr. Ninan has collaborated with the Bio Behavioral Institute for over 30 years. He specializes in treating adults with Anxiety, OCD Related, and Mood disorders. Dr. Ninan graduated from the Christian Medical College in Vellore, India. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn and his Psychiatry Residency at Nassau University Medical Center. He is affiliated with Northwell Hospital and Winthrop University Hospital. His compassionate and conservative approach to medicine allows for maximum treatment outcomes with the least number and dose of medication.


Richard Carlton, M.D.

Dr. Carlton graduated from the New York Medical College in 1969 and completed his medical internship at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC and his Psychiatric Residency at the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic of New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center.

Since 1975, Dr. Carlton has been a quiet pioneer in the rational use of nutrition-based treatment approaches. Whether treating “psychological” issues (such as depression, anxiety, ADHD), or “physical” problems (such as cognitive impairment/dementia, PMS, migraines, and IBS), his approach includes a stepwise treatment approach. His first step is to look for commonplace foods that in many cases may trigger (or exacerbate) the problems. If that is does not work well enough, he prescribes specific nutrients and herbs to bring relief, and if these nutrient-based approaches do not work well enough, then he will prescribe medications. Even in the cases where medications are needed, he will often prescribe nutrients to augment (complement) the prescription medications. There is already a vast scientific literature showing that certain select nutrients can get various medications to work more quickly, or to work at lower dosages than would normally be the case.

Dr. Carlton’s approach is a good match for individuals who  (1) have not adequately responded to medications, (2) for those who have difficulty tolerating the medications due to side effects, or (3) for those who believe in an integrative approach to their health.