Could you Suffer from Hoarding?

Almost everyone has some packrat tendencies, but not everyone is a compulsive hoarder. Take this quiz, adapted from Dr. Neziroglu’s book “Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding” to help identify if you may suffer from hoarding.

SCORING GUIDE: Add up the responses to all 20 questions to earn a total score. The higher your total score, the more likely it is that you may be suffering from hoarding.

This quiz is not intended to be a diagnostic tool. If you suspect that you suffer from hoarding, please seek an evaluation by a mental health professional trained in the diagnosis of treatment of OCD and related disorders.

Answer the following questions using the grading scale below

Not At All Somewhat Very Much
1 2 3 4 5

Welcome to your Hoarding Quiz

1.) My possessions are a source of shame.
2.) My possessions are a source of conflict with my family.
3.) I do not tend to keep my possessions where they belong.
4.) I have multiples of many items, e.g. plastic bags, cards, pants of the same color.
5.) I buy or pick up a lot of items just because there is a chance I may need them in the future.
6.) I avoid having people over because of all the mess.
7.) I experience anxiety and/or discomfort when attempting to discard possessions.
8.) Others may find it difficult to walk through my house because of all the clutter.
9.) It is difficult to find things you are looking for in my house.
10.) My furniture ( table, etc.) cannot be used as intended because it is covered with things.
11.) I tend to keep newspapers, articles etc., because I fear needing it in the future or because I don’t want to lose out on the information.
12.) I keep many possessions that I personally find to be unique or perfect.
13.) I keep items stored in places outside of where I live (storage places, someone else’s house) because there is not enough room in my home.
14.) I can not resist picking up or acquiring free things.
15.) Even if I discard some possessions I tend to retrieve them.
16.) I think about my possessions a lot.
17.) I avoid having necessary repairs because of all the clutter.
18.) I excessively keep belongings that remind me of pleasant/negative memories.
19.) When I’m throwing things away, I need to go through them to make sure I did not throw anything else out with it.
20.) If my family touches or discards my possessions, I get very upset.