Do you Suffer from Poor Body Image?

Many people are dissatisfied with aspects of their physical appearance, but body image concerns can become excessive and create suffering and interference in daily life.
Please think about any aspect of your physical appearance that you are dissatisfied with and answer all of the questions with regards to that particular feature or body part.

SCORING GUIDE: Add up the responses to all 20 questions to earn a total score. The higher your total score, the more likely it is that you may be suffering from body image concerns, such as body dysmorphic disorder. A total score above a 60 suggests that you may possibly be excessively dissatisfied with your appearance.

This quiz is not intended to be a diagnostic tool. If you suspect that you may have hoarding, please seek an evaluation by a mental health professional trained in the diagnosis of treatment of OCD and related disorders.

Answer the following questions using the grading scale below

Not At All Somewhat Very Much
1 2 3 4 5

Welcome to your Poor Body Image Quiz

1.) I am preoccupied by thoughts of my appearance.
2.) I believe that my body part(s) of concern is noticeable to others.
3.) Preoccupation over my body part(s) of concern interferes with some of my daily activities, such as work and/or going to school.
4.) I avoid situations where I will be in close contact with other people.
5.) I wear clothing, makeup or other accessories to conceal or mask my body part(s) of concern.
6.) I go to great lengths to change or improve my appearance.
7.) I frequently compare my appearance and/or body part of concern with others (in person, on social media, with photos in magazines, celebrities on television, etc.).
8.) Thoughts and worries about my body part(s) of concern interfere with my leisure and social activities.
9.) I have avoided romantic relationships because of my body part(s) of concern.
10.) My future happiness depends upon my appearance.
11.) I feel like others are commenting, laughing at or criticizing my body part(s) of concern when I am out of earshot.
12.) Due to my body part(s) of concern, others treat me differently.
13.) This body part of concern ruins my overall appearance.
14.) I often check my appearance in the mirror (or other reflective surfaces) for extended periods of time or repeatedly throughout the day.
15.) I find ways to ask others what they think about my appearance or try to get others to comment on my appearance.
16.) I have made (or thought about making) dermatological and/or plastic surgery appointments for a consultation to fix my body part(s) of concern.
17.) It takes me longer than most people to get ready to leave home due to my appearance concerns.
18.) I avoid reflective surfaces/mirrors, so that I do not need to see my body part(s) of concern.
19.) Others disagree with how I perceive my appearance.
20.) I am preoccupied by thoughts of my appearance.