Do you Suffer from Depersonalization Quiz

Depersonalization can be a disorder in of itself but is also present as a symptom in many other conditions, such as post traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, panic disorder, and major depression. An individuals whith depersonalization feels “unreal” or detached from one’s body or environment. Take this depersonalization quiz to find out if you may be suffering.

SCORING GUIDE: If you suffer from more than half of these symptoms, you may be suffering from depersonalization.

This quiz is not intended to be a diagnostic tool. If you suspect you might suffer from depersonalization disorder, it is important that you seek consultation from a mental health professional who has some experience working with DPD and other dissociative disorders.

Answer the following questions using the grading scale below

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Welcome to your Depersonalization Disorder Quiz

1.) Do you feel hollow inside?
2.) Do you feel like you lost your sense of self?
3.) Do you feel like you are observing yourself from the outside, looking inside?
4.) Do you feel like a robot?
5.) Are you numb, unable to feel emotions, although you know what you are supposed to feel?
6.) Would you describe your experience like the life of the “living dead?”
7.) Does the world around you seem strange, like you do not perceive it as others do?
8.) Do your body and mind seem disconnected?
9.) Does everything around you seem foggy, unreal?
10.) Are you living in a dream world, everything surreal?
11.) Are you an actor on stage, knowing your part, but not feeling it?
12.) Do you spend a lot of time thinking about philosophical or religious issues (e.g. why do we exist, do we exist, who is really talking, what is time and space?).
13.) Does your thinking seem separate from your body?
14.) Are you paying a lot of attention to your bodily sensations and/or to your thoughts?
15.) Do you fear that you are not controlling your own actions?
16.) Are you overly aware of noise?
17.) Do objects look different than before?
18.) Do you feel there is an inner voice that is yours, but at the same time converses and interrupts your other thoughts?
19.) Do you feel detached from things and people around you?
20.) Do you feel like you are in a constant state of detachment?