Could you be an Animal Hoarder?

Many people are lovers of animals, wanting to rescue them, care for them, feed them, and love them. Not only do we often have close emotional bonds with our pets, but often receive unconditional love from them. When does a lover of animals become a hoarder of animals? Take this Quiz to see if you may have shifted from a lover/rescuer of animals to a hoarder of animals.

SCORING GUIDE: Add up the responses to all the questions to earn a total score. The higher your total score, the more likely it is that you may be suffering from animal hoarding.

This quiz is not intended to be a diagnostic tool. If you suspect that you may have hoarding, please seek an evaluation by a mental health professional trained in the diagnosis of treatment of OCD and related disorders.

Answer the following questions using the grading scale below

Not At All Somewhat Very Much
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Welcome to your Animal Hoarder Quiz

1.) My relationships with my pets have interfered with my social relationships.
2.) My animals are a source of conflict with my family.
3.) I am not sure how many animals I actually have.
4.) I spend most of my finances to provide for my animals.
5.) I have difficulty navigating my home due to all of the animal cages, toys for the animals, etc.
6.) I avoid having people over because of all the mess.
7.) I experience anxiety and/or discomfort at the thought of giving any of my animals away for adoption.
8.) Others may find it difficult to walk through my house because of all the clutter.
9.) It is difficult to find things you are looking for in my house.
10.) My furniture (table, etc.) cannot be used as intended because it is covered with things.
11.) I do not spade or neuter my animals and keep all of the litters.
12.) I care for my animals in an appropriate way.
13.) I know people think I have a lot of animals, but I don’t agree.
14.) I hide from people the number of actual animals I keep in my home.
15.) I know I have a lot of animals, but still desire to have more.
16.) I sometimes neglect my own self upkeep because I am too busy caring for my animals.
17.) I can’t imagine my life without animal relationships.
18.) I often feel lonely.
19.) People comment that my house has a bad odor.
20.) Law enforcement officials have come to my home regarding noise, smell, or complaints by neighbors.