Diversity Panel at Annual OCD Conference

Diversity Panel at IOCDF Conference
IOCDF has launched a Diversity Council co-chaired by Monnica Williams and Stephanie Cogen, so you will be seeing more diversity initiatives being rolled out by the IOCDF in the coming years. This year we wanted to highlight this initiative by theming our Saturday Night Social at the Annual OCD Conference – Coming Together: A Celebration of Diversity. Part of our brainstorming about this event is to ask everyone in our community to participate in the activity outlined below

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate — and everyone deserves access to effective treatment for OCD and related disorders. As part of our diversity initiative, we need the participation of the greater OCD community to help spread the word. Here is how:

1) We would like to make a video accessible to everyone, so we are seeking participants who speak a language in addition to English to participate. If you speak a non-English language, please make a video of yourself saying the phrase “Effective treatment for everyone” in your chosen language.

2) Once recorded, please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, and include how the phrase would be written in your chosen language.

3) Contact IOCDF by sharing your video on Facebook or Twitter using the #IOCDF4ALL, or by messaging us on Facebook or emailing us at [email protected] to share the link to your video and let us know that you have participated.

We will edit all of these videos together and if yours is chosen, you will see this video on our website, social media and at the Annual OCD Conference.