About Us

Our Philosophy

“Provide the best possible care for our patients.”

Each of our staff members is dedicated to providing the most advanced and scientifically supported treatment in a nurturing and supportive environment. Every patient is evaluated thoroughly with attention given to the social, biological and psychological factors contributing to their current situation.

Patients come from all over the country and abroad to receive the latest treatments available and the ongoing research efforts of the staff. Over the years, our scientific research has extensively contributed to providing current psychological and medical knowledge.

Our Four Missions

For over 30 years, our four missions have remained:


Integrate neurobiology and psychology in the treatment of mental disorders


Conduct research to better understand mental disorders


Provide the most up to date empirically validated treatments available


Teach and disseminate information to professionals and to the public

Our Services And Programs

We offer a variety of services and programs. These include but are not limited to the following:

Our staff is available to speak at local agencies, schools, community centers, parent organizations, and support groups on a variety...

We offer home and out of office session to provide our patients with the hands on therapy that is often...

We work closely with family, other agencies, and share patients with outside mental health professionals. Our staff will coordinate and...

We offer a variety of options for individuals who do not live in the NY metropolitan area. We offer short...

Our intensive outpatient program is one of the first in the country for OCD and related disorders. Since the 1970's...

Our staff is trained in a variety of psychological therapies for the best quality care. We offer state-of-the-art treatment supported...

Our History

The history of Bio Behavioral Institute has been one dedicated to improving the lives of our patients.


1999 - Expansion

In 1999, The Bio-Behavioral Institute was established in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cognitive behavioral treatment approaches are being introduced in Argentina, a country that is psychoanalytically dominated.


1989 - Improving Intensive Out-Patient Programs

In 1989, Dr. Neziroglu proposes that cognitive behavior therapy may work by altering serotonin activity in OCD and publishes her first paper with regard to this. She demonstrates the efficacy of intensive outpatient programs.


1983 - First Book Published from the Institute

in 1983, Drs. Yaryura-Tobias and Neziroglu published their first book on OCD and for the first time, the OC Related or Spectrum Disorders such as Tourettes Syndrome, Sydenhams Chorea, Eating Disorders etc. were discussed. This sparked research for the obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders.


1979 - Foundation

In 1979, the Bio Behavioral Institute we founded.